Find out what Zeiss lens is suitable for you?

Follow the link and see which Zeiss lens suits you, you can then send your vision profile to us.


Whatever, the lens, we will try to provide the most appropriate lenses to your needs and budget.  We will ask you about driving, hobbies, PCs, kindles lap-tops etc.  We are not about commission or high end selling.  In fact, the opposite, by carefully listening to your requirements, often the cheaper lens is chosen. Our simple analogy is a Ford Fiesta will get you to the corner shop, as will a Ferrari, but do you need the Ferrari.  However, you may want the Ferrari!


In conjunction with Zeiss, we use a specialised independent laboratory, J.R. Labs in Cheltenham.  They help use to provide that extra personal touch when needed. Or that +17.00 bi-aspheric lenticular, e-line trifocal or even a double D bifocal.





Anti-reflective coatings have come a long way in the last few years.  We offer coatings onto all of our lenses.  The coatings include hydrophobic, oleophobic, hardcoat and anti-static properties. 


Coatings now can block dazzle from modern car headlights.  They can help to relax the eyes, when in front of the PC.  The coatings can block UV to 400nm, when outdoors and latest developments include anti-viral properties


Zeiss DuraVision Platinum