We have an excellent choice of frames here at Malmesbury Opticians.  We pride ourselves in the fact we hand pick all the frames we stock, We try to ensure that there will be something for all of our patients.  
Our ranges are kept up to date with current styles and the latest fashion trends.  So, if there is something that you are particularly looking for, we can help you find it.  Ultimately, we want you to feel great in your spectacles and have the highest standard of vision possible.

We try to stock the quirky running alongside the more conventional styles.  Should you want that dash of colour or a discreet blended frame, then we should have the perfect choice for you.  If we don't, then we will always try and source that right frame for you.  We have forged good working relationships with our suppliers over the years.  This allows us to "borrow" frames for a couple of weeks, to allow you time to mull over your decision.

At Malmesbury Opticians, we are proud to work alongside British suppliers featuring Wolf Eyewear and Cocoa Mint.  We have re-cycled specs from Eco, and Coral Eyewear.  We are also big fans (and have always been) of letting you re-use your own frame.  As the old adage goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

Even before Covid, we kept everything sparkly clean and regularly cleaned all of the frames.  Now, we also sanitise every frame after it has been touched using high energy UVC light. The helps to ensure the safety of our patients throughout the optical journey