Welcome to Malmesbury Opticians

We are an independent practice owned by two qualified opticians: David & Lydia Canton. We have an amazing friendly, experienced and professional team, to provide unbiased advice and support.

Our philosophy is to treat you in the same way as we would like to be treated, some would just call it good old fashioned customer service!!

Latest News


April 2024

With the sunshine fianlly starting to make an appearance, we are glad to announce that we have a full array of sunglasses to suit all budgets and face shapes.  We have a new range from William Morris eyewear arriving, that subtly incorporates the origianl prints designed by William Morris.

Click to view the William Morris gallery

We're sorry to see Caroline go, but she is furthering her career by joining the team at Tetbury Hospital.   We wish her all the best in her new venture.  

February 2024

At this time of year, we offer lots of advice on seasonal dry eye.  It's commonly caused by the difference from outside temperatures and dry centrally heated houses.  The tear film dries up and becomes unstable.  It can cause blurred vision, itchy eyes, irritated lid margins.  Should you have any concerns please contact the practice and we will do our best to advise you as soon as we can.

October 2023

Etnia Barcelona frames will also be arriving imminently.  Their styles are bold and colourful and really make a statement.  They offer a ship to store service, so you can choose your style and get the frame delivered to us at no charge, or commitment to yourself!  Follow the link below

Click here for the Etnia Barcelona site

September 2023

Congratulations to Figs!  

She's now a happily married lady.  Figs and her beau Jonno had a beautiful ceremony and tied the knot at the Rectory in Crudwell.

July 2023

We have a new Optometrist, Hannah Turner.  She has re-located from Holmfirth, Last of the Summer Wine country and has moved 300 miles to be with us.  Hannah has recently completed her pre-registration and is now a fully-fledged optom.  Her previous role was a Dispensing Optician.  This means she has a very wide skill set, helping to ensure all areas of optics are covered.

November 2022

We've never met anyone who actually likes the puff of air when we assess the intra ocular pressures of the eye.  So, we replaced the old tech with a brand new instrument that measures without any shock to the system.  The iCare 100 uses a tiny probe that gently touches the eye.  In fact it's so gentle, that most people cannot even feel it!

Click to see the iCare 100



57 High Street has been an Opticians for over 50 years. Before 1969 however, the premises were actually a dairy, providing milk to the local townsfolk.

D. Ivel Rees Opticians opened in November 1969. A lot of work was undertaken to convert from a dairy to an Opticians. The upper two floors were separated and leased out to number 55.  In those days, professional regulations limited any advertising to two insertions of two column inches in a local newspaper and that was all that was allowed!  The multiples pushed forward the concept of shop window displays, but were frowned upon by private practices.  

RJ Manns Opticians briefly took over for a short time in 1999.  J. M. Forss Opticians then acquired the practice in approx. 2003.  Jo pushed the practice forward, by introducing new equipment and re-designing the practice.  David & Lydia both worked for Jo as locum Dispensing Opticians.  They finally purchased the practice in November 2018 and quickly set about creating more space for clients to browse and introducing new equipment for the testing room.

NHS eligibility

Please see on the list below, to ensure your eligible for an NHS sight test. 

NHS funded eye examinations: - 


Manufacturing spectacle frames and lenses has never been the greenest of products.  Aluminium was used in the water to help to polish the lenses.  Lots of acetate (plastic) was left over when cellulose acetate frames were routed from one sheet of acetate.  Contact lens packaging was not recyclable.  Frame cases, often made overseas carried a large carbon foot print and used plastic, metal and glue.  

Thankfully, manufacturers are now far more aware and are trying to reduce their impact on the environment.  Aluminium is no longer used within the production of spectacle lenses.  Sophisticated diamond cutting equipment shapes the back surface of the lenses to the required prescription.  Acetate can now be recycled and more and more manufacturers are using bio-acetate materials and corn starch for the packaging.  Cardboard is being used more and more, as it is easily recyclable.  Suppliers are also sending out fewer deliveries to reduce their freight carbon impact.

At Malmesbury Opticians we try to source from only eco aware suppliers.  We don't worry about having our logo on cases, as they are only produced overseas.  We try to source local UK made cases.  Within practice we recycle:-