Welcome to Malmesbury Opticians

We are an independent practice owned by two qualified opticians: David & Lydia Canton. We have an amazing friendly, experienced and professional team, to provide advice and support.

Our philosophy is to treat you in the same way as we would like to be treated, some would just call it good old fashioned customer service!!

We've never met anyone who actually likes the puff of air when we assess the intra ocular pressures of the eye.  So, we replaced the old tech with a brand new instrument that measures without any shock to the system.  The iCare 100 uses a tiny probe that gently touches they eye.  In fact it's so gentle, that most people cannot even feel it!

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57 High Street has been an Opticians for over 50 years. Before 1969 however, the premises were actually a dairy, providing milk to the local townsfolk.

D Ivel Rees Opticians opened in November 1969. A lot of work was undertaken to convert from a dairy to an Opticians. The upper two floors were separated and leased out to number 55.
In those days professional regulations limited any advertising to two insertions of two column inches in a 'local newspaper', and that was it; rather different from today; 'shop windows' were permitted because of the multiples, but frowned upon for private practices.

RJ Manns Opticians took over briefly in 1999, and then subsequently by J.M. Forss Opticians in approx. 2003.

David & Lydia had both been working for Jo Forss since 2009 and subsequently purchased the practice from Jo in November 2018.